Adrian Thaws

Adrian Thaws

Choosing to title an album after your birth name and then insisting said album is your least personal album to date is exactly the kind of contradiction that brazen music artists like to court. Tricky's quick follow-up to the previous year’s False Idols shows an artist who prefers to make music as opposed to one who waits until marketing departments say the time is right. Tricky didn't wait to build up expectations when he could charm folks with collaborations with London-based vocalist Tirzah and the always dependable Francesca Belmonte, who turns “I Had a Dream” into silk. Tricky’s work on “My Palestine Girl” veers near the avant-garde menace of his best work. A cover of London Posse’s “Gangster Chronicle” with Bella Gotti is likely to divide fans, who also have to decide how they feel about Gotti’s fast-talking appearance on “Why Don’t You,” where Tricky recalls the electronica-rock of Prodigy’s “Firestarter.”

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