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After graduating from Bennington College, Sasha Lazard started getting involved in the classical scene while attending the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. After singing opera in San Francisco and New York's circuit, producer Anthony Vanger teamed up with her to work on a revolutionary project to combine opera arias and Russian folk layered over electronic music, specially drum'n'bass. While working along with Mark Kamins and Joey Moskowitz, a different side of electronica began emerging, captivating classical followers and dance/club audiences at the same time.
Sasha Lazard contributed to the Japanese animated movie Princess Mononoke with a song composed by Hayaro Miyakazi, and her version of "Ave Maria" was chosen to be part of Holy Smoke's soundtrack.
In 2001, Higher Octave Music/Virgin Records signed her up. The Myth of Red became her debut album, produced by Frank Fitzpatrick and co-produced by Mark Raskin and Dale Wardlaw. ~ Drago Bonacich

    New York, NY

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