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Inspired by the ambient soundscapes and post-rock stylings of acts such as Sigur Rós, This Will Destroy You, and Caspian, Blanket are an alternative rock quartet from Blackpool in Lancashire, U.K.
The band was formed in 2016 by guitarists and vocalists Bobby Pook and Simon Morgan with the intent of combining the cinematic aspects of some of their favorite music with the textural nature of certain film soundtracks to accompany bespoke visuals for live performances. After amassing some material after tracking ideas in their shared house, the lineup was completed with the addition of bass guitarist Matthew Sheldon and drummer Steven Pellatt. Next, after an incident in which Pook had to rescue his equipment and possessions from an escalating house fire which resulted in damage to his hands, the guitarist took time out from making music to recover. He eventually healed and was able to buy back most of his recording gear and instruments with the help of an online funding campaign set up by his girlfriend, and Pook utilized the experience and his subsequent recovery to fuel the remaining writing sessions of the band's first release. Blanket put out their debut EP, Our Brief Encounters, on Music for Nations in late 2017 and went on to promote the effort with a nationwide tour. They returned in 2018 with the single "Worlds Collide." The track appeared on Blanket's first full-length, How to Let Go, which arrived later that year. The band spent time honing its follow-up, 2021's Modern Escapism -- a record built around a primary theme of society's obsession with social media -- which was preceded by the shoegaze-inspired lead single "Where the Light Takes Us." ~ Rob Wacey

    Blackpool, England

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