One of Latin pop’s most consistently fulfilling practitioners, Camilo has transcended his role as a songwriting secret weapon for others to fully become an artist in his own right. With early hits like “Tutu” and “Vida de Rico” in the rearview, the Colombian singer continues to voraciously indulge in a veritable genre buffet on his fourth album, the aptly named cuatro. His taste for tropical styles comes across repeatedly throughout, beginning with the stormy salsa opener “Gordo” and peaking with the emotional Carín León team-up "Una Vida Pasada”. Accordions throb over “Misión Imposible” and brass creeps into “No Se Vale”, adding a lushness to the proceedings. No matter what format he chooses, his lyrical gaze almost invariably remains on matters of the heart, be that the gushing sentiments of “Amor de Extranjeros” or the eternal promises of “La Boda”. His status as a balladeer still very much intact, he whispers sweet nothings over acoustic guitar and subtle percussion for "Corazón de Hojalata”.

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