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Leaders of their own self-created genre "Blanket Rock," Woolworm are a band from Vancouver, British Columbia whose music is a fusion of hardcore, indie rock, shoegaze, and ambitious pop. Led by singer and guitarist Giles Roy, Woolworm made a scrappy but stylish debut with their 2009 EP no caps. They'd gained plenty in the way of technique and songwriting savvy when their first full-length album, Believe in Ourselves, was given a release on cassette in 2012, and after signing to Mint Records, they enjoyed a critical and popular breakthrough with 2017's Deserve to Die.

The Woolworm story begins in 2008 when lead singer and guitarist Giles Roy, guitarist Alex Pomeroy, and drummer Nick Tolliday decided to form a band not long after they finished high school. After several rehearsals, Tolliday got in an argument with his bandmates and quit, leaving Roy and Pomeroy to form a new group without him. The two teamed up with drummer Ben Purp and bassist Felicity Herst and began playing out, releasing a four-song EP, no caps, in 2009. By the time the group brought out the six-song follow-up hearted a year later, Purp was out of the group and Naoyuki Harada, aka Noogz, took over on drums. A three-song single, is pain, followed in 2011, and the next year, the group released their first album, Believe in Ourselves, initially issued only on cassette.

Not long after the arrival of Believe in Ourselves, Herst dropped out of the group, and Heather Black became their bass player. Noogz also left Woolworm, and when they released the 2015 EP Everything Seems Obvious, Nick Tolliday, who had buried the hatchet with Roy and Pomeroy, was behind the drum kit. A cassette single titled "Vampirism" appeared in 2016, and the respected Canadian indie label Mint Records signed Woolworm to a recording contract. Their first LP for Mint, 2017's Deserve to Die, was the group's most polished and ambitious achievement to date, and earned Woolworm enthusiastic reviews in the Canadian press. The album was popular enough to quickly sell out its vinyl run, setting the stage for their third full-length release, 2019's Awe.

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Cana

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