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Formed while two of their members were still in the like-minded power pop band Age of Electric, Limblifter's punchy rock essentially revolves around Ryan Dahle, their only consistent member. Along with vocalist/drummer Kurt Dahle and bassist Ian Somers, the trio released their first record, Limblifter, on Mercury records in early 1996. Following the album, Age of Electric officially disbanded, allowing the Dahle brothers to concentrate on Limblifter, while Age of Electric's Todd Kerns and John Kerns formed Static in Stereo. Ian Somers left Limblifter and was replaced by Todd Fancey before their follow-up, Bellaclava, was released in March 2000. Unlike their debut, which took only a week to record, their sophomore effort took 100 days and was self-released. Later that year, Kurt Dahle and Fancey joined Canadian supergroup the New Pornographers, leaving Ryan Dahle to assemble a new lineup. ~ Kenyon Hopkin