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An R&B and hip-hop artist whose quick evolution was captured in his first two album names, singer, rapper, and producer Jhyve debuted with the aptly titled Strangely Familiar before finding his focus with the equally spot-on Supermegafutureshit. Coming out of Toronto, Jhyve was born Jamaal Desmond Bowry. He debuted in 2011, wearing his R&B, rap, and rock influences on his sleeve with the album Strangely Familiar. Hooking up with producer Soul channeled these influences into an identifiably Jhyve sound, something that filled his 2013 release, Supermegafutureshit, an album that could appeal to fans of both Prince and Frank Ocean. In 2016 he released the more thematic LP The Heartbreak Experience on the Awesome Music label. ~ David Jeffries