François Pérusse

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A Québécois comedian and musician known for his series of sketch and song collections entitled L'Album du Peuple (The Album of the People), Francois Perusse was born in Quebec City in October 1960. A musician as a youngster, Perusse shifted gears to focus on his unique brand of sketch and song comedy. He first made waves in 1990, when his radio program Les 2 Minutes du Peuple was broadcast on station CKOI. The first L'Album du Peuple, released in 1991, was the first of a series, which -- as of 2013 -- totaled nine volumes (or tomes, as they are known in release). His work was also broadcast in France, material from which saw release in a special L'Album du Peuple that was meant for French audiences. His work was also broadcast in Belgium and Switzerland. He has received many awards in Canada for his radio broadcasts there. ~ Chris True

    Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
  • BORN
    October, 1960

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