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An immaculate combination of gauzy atmospheres, simple pop melodies, and Victoria Legrand’s velvet-smooth vocals helped Beach House define the sound of 21st-century dream pop. The Paris-born Legrand and her bandmate Alex Scally met in 2004 in Baltimore, and the ease at which they fell into their sonic collaboration led her to refer to Scally as her “musical soulmate.” In 2006, they landed “Apple Orchard”—a swooping, melancholy track dense with organ—on a digital Pitchfork mixtape, setting up a warm reception for their debut self-titled album, released shortly after. Beach House was a blossoming mix of gentle shoegaze and soft psychedelia with melodies that floated hazily above glowing, simple instrumentation. Devotion—with fuller arrangements and more complex hooks—followed in 2008, and the duo signed to Sub Pop shortly after. With Teen Dream, they refined their sound further, opting for slightly wilder dynamics, like the splashy crescendo of “Zebra” or the soaring “Take Care.” Despite consistent experimentation with form and approach—2015’s “Space Song” offered a daze of galactic bedroom pop, and their 2018 album 7 embraced darker tones and a vibe more blissed-out than ever before—Beach House have been nothing if not consistently hypnotic and perpetually transportive over their career.

    Baltimore, MD

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