Mayday: New and Nostalgic

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Mayday: New and Nostalgic

“We used to go to Monster’s house to hang out and play cards after our New Year’s Eve dinner,” Ming (Liu Guan-you), drummer of pop rock group Mayday, tells Apple Music. “Not so much now that we have wives and kids. However, we still find time to visit, eat and hang during the Lunar New Year.” This playlist, handpicked by the group’s five members, celebrates year-end memories and aspirations with tracks they love, alongside recent highlights from their own releases. “We’re lucky and grateful that in addition to Mayday’s own concerts and output, we could work on other post-pandemic projects,” lead guitarist Monster (Wen Shang Yi) says. “Every time I gain experience working with people in different fields as a music producer, actor or curator, it feels fresh and new. And this year has been no exception.” Vocalist Ashin Chen has selected his own innovative collab with Accusefive and Ann, “我們都在進化之中” (“We Will Stay Real”). “Talking with singers stirs things up and can spark clever ideas or new approaches to songs,” he says. “The music has a lot of those details—so try listening for them.” Bassist Masa (Tsai Shen-yen) singles out “Prototype” by Lala Hsu and “Anything But” by Pei-Yu Hung: “In addition to the production, their vocals are also very good.” And Ming recommends Mayday’s latest single, “你的神曲” (“A Song with You”). According to guitarist Stone (Shi Chin-hang), their playlist embraces a nostalgic vibe, despite not reaching too far back into the past. Speaking about the “Passionate Version” of Rene Liu’s early 2021 ballad “所有相愛的人啊” (“All the Lovers”), he says, “Whether you hear this song in a crowd at a concert or listen to it in your own world through headphones, you can feel the warmth.” What Mayday are truly looking for next year is the feeling of being back in front of a crowd. “We really want to bring concerts to different places and cities,” Monster says. “We want to see and hear the audience’s reactions again.”

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