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4.7 out of 5
238 Ratings

238 Ratings

Keionso ,

It is finally here!

Steam Powered Giraffe are back and better than ever in this new album featuring their newest automaton companion, Hatchworth! SPG are a one of a kind band that focuses on harmonization and Steampunk inspired music. They create amazing music ranging anywhere from love songs to songs about fancy shoes. Steam Powered Giraffe is an amazing band and they prove it with each new song they record and are easily my favorite band of all time.

AnachronicRodent ,

Its ok, past stuff more enjoyed

The music is well done, but none of the songs on this album really wow me as much as I had hoped.

Tyes ,

It's Really Just OK

With anticipated arrival of the much welcomed Hatchworth, I was super excited to get my hands on the new SPG album but was slightly disappointed when I finally got it. The band has a very pure sound that has been evolving ever since their conception. As much as I love the sound from their album The 2 Cent Show, I actually don't care much for this new pop-ish sound that overruns MKIII. With that being said, the music does grow on you only after listening to it a second or third time.

My biggest critique for this album is there is way to much "belting" that sounds like very loud and confident whining. The biggest offender for this would be the opening of "A Way Into Your Heart". I would describe it as a brilliant sound that usually spreads like butter being splattered around the kitchen walls; despite the overall kitchen being beautiful and metallic... it still has a bunch of greasy butter stains that need to be cleaned up. My second complaint would be the lyrical make up of most of the album. I guess I am used to the old style of storytelling along with lyrics and verses that are witty yet fun to follow. "Go Spine Go" starts off very enjoyably and continues to take the high road until about halfway through when the subject matter suddenly shifts to something crude and unappealing for the rest of the song....WHY? JUST WHY???: O Another disappointing song that falls victim to weird and unfocused lyrics would be "Fancy Shoes". Maybe I'm just not intelligent enough to decipher what the heck the song is trying to say.

With those songs aside, the rest of the album is fairly good with a few being wonderfully catchy and succeed in making you feel something emotionally. I would say that the most well written musically and lyrically (rightfully being my favorite) would be "I'll Rust With You", "Hatch Fever", "She Said Maybe", and "Turn Back the Clock" - maybe "Mecto Amore" if you forgive the overly extensive use of the words "mecto amore".

Over all the album could have been better than just ok but unfortunately negatives typically count more than positives when it comes to human experiences. I just cannot get over the random whine-belting, tiring overuse of register changes, and lyrical verses that lead to no payoff. A little bit goes a long way, and MKIII seems to spread the "little bit" just a bit to thickly making the final album give its audience the underwhelming feeling of "Meh.... It's Ok I Guess"

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