About Watershed

Acoustic rock outfit Watershed emerged as one of the most successful South African exports of their generation when the single "Indigo Girl" topped the German pop charts. Formed in Johannesburg in 1998, Watershed was the vehicle of singer/songwriter Craig Warren Hinds, a former high school English and history major. After a series of early lineup changes, the supporting cast solidified with the inclusion of guitarist Paul McIver, bassist Vernon Hodgetts, drummer Tulsa Pittaway and viola player Lizzie Rennie. This incarnation of the group signed to EMI South Africa in 1999, issuing In the Meantime the following year; the debut single "Shine on Me" launched the group to national stardom, and the follow-ups "Indigo Girl" and "Letters" made them superstars. According to legend, a German radio DJ on holiday in South Africa heard "Indigo Girl" and upon returning home began spinning the single on Germany's SWR3. The record emerged as a left-field blockbuster throughout Europe, and vaulted them to international renown. They launched the 2003 follow-up Wrapped in Stone at an all-star concert in Johannesburg's Nelson Mandela Square. The first album to feature keyboardist Graham Smith, it was also the last to include McIver, who at year's end exited to make way for guitarist Nic Rush. Hinds again reshuffled the lineup in advance of 2005's Mosaic, only Rush remained from the previous incarnation, with bassist Ozzy, keyboardist Hylton Brooker and drummer Peter Auret completing the roster. Rennie rejoined the ranks in April 2006.

    Johannesburg, South Africa

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