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Formed in 1984 in São Paulo during the new pagode wave of the '80s, the Katinguelê had its song "Doce Sabor" included on the compilation Chopapo, the name of one of the nightclubs that promoted the genre in Santo André (São Paulo). The song had good airplay, and in 1992 came their first album, the independent Bem no Íntimo, which included the hits "Deusa ou Menina," "Eleni," and "Bem no Íntimo." In 1994, the group released their second record, Meu Recado, also independently, that had success with "Corpo Lúcido," "Cilada," "Pra Gente Matar a Saudade," and "Separação." Nationwide adoration came with their third one, No Compasso do Criador (Warner Bros.), which quickly sold 700,000 copies on the strength of "Só Pedindo Bis," "Recado à Minha Amada," and "No Compasso do Criador." Katinguelê na Área (1998) had one of the band's biggest hits, "Inaraí," and also had Zeca Pagodinho as a special guest. Pagodinho also participated in the shows that commemorated the 15th anniversary of the band in 1999 in São Paulo, when their live album was recorded. Also in 1999, the Katinguelê participated in the TV Globo end-of-the-year special. ~ Alvaro Neder