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About Jimmy Nevis

Jimmy Nevis has amassed a discography that spans multiple shades of alternative pop, from sensuous R&B and Afrohouse to uplifting EDM. As a youth in Athlone, Cape Town, the aspiring singer-songwriter entertained friends and family while turning his backyard into a community Madison Square Garden. Upon finishing school, he launched his career in 2012 with “Elephant Shoes”, a memory of lost love set over melodic piano-pop. He then scored a string of chart-topping hits—including the soaring, percussive guitar-pop of “Heartboxing” and the piano-driven progressive house of “7764”—while scoring collaborations like Mi Casa’s deep house valentine “Feel the Love” and Kwesta’s hip-hop anthem “Balloon”. As he achieved stardom, Nevis established Blue Collar Foundation, a youth-focused philanthropic initiative for the city which nurtured him to stardom.