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There's a long legacy of sibling harmony groups in country music, and Hunter Brothers are an act bringing that tradition into the present day. Five siblings from Canada, Hunter Brothers deliver smooth but full-bodied group vocals to music that delivers a contemporary blend of country, rock, and pop influences. Originally performing Christian music, the quintet moved into country music in 2015, and within a year they were a presence on the Canadian country charts with tunes like "El Dorado" and "Born and Raised," songs that held on to a sense of traditionalism while also delivering a party-hearty vibe.

True to their name, Hunter Brothers are five siblings who grew up together in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan -- Luke Hunter, J.J. Hunter, Ty Hunter, Brock Hunter, and Dusty Hunter. All five worked on the family farm, and outside of bringing in the crops, their greatest interests in life were hockey and music. Their paternal grandfather was a self-taught musician who took his hobby seriously, learning to play five different instruments. During breaks from their chores on the farm, grandfather would teach the boys the basics of the piano, and they learned vocal harmonies from singing in church. While their mother encouraged the brothers' musical aspirations, their father was a die-hard hockey fan who put his sons on skates at an early age. The Hunter siblings had serious skills on the ice, and in the winter they played junior league hockey, while in the summer they sang at Christian music festivals in western Canada. As they grew into adulthood, four of the five Hunter Brothers would play professional hockey in the Canadian minor leagues (a leg injury prevented Ty from moving on to the pros), though in time they stepped away from the sport to devote more time to the family farm.

The brothers still loved to sing, and after transitioning away from hockey, they moved from Christian music into country, making their debut as Hunter Brothers in 2015. The group struck a deal with the Canadian country label Open Road Recordings, and their debut single "El Dorado" was released in January 2016. The single was a success, rising to number 25 on the Canadian country singles charts, and Hunter Brothers were on their way. Their fourth single, "Born and Raised," hit the Canadian country Top Ten, and it was featured on their debut album, Getaway, released by Open Road in March 2017. The album produced another Top Ten single, "Those Were the Nights," and in 2018 Hunter Brothers were nominated in three categories for the Canadian Country Music Association Awards (Best Group or Duo, Rising Star, and Best Interactive Group or Artist). Closer to home, they were also honored by the Saskatchewan Country Music Association, who named Hunter Brothers Group of the Year and Emerging Artists of the Year. While the brothers still worked on the family farm, more and more of their time was devoted to touring and recording as their star rose, and in January 2019, Hunter Brothers dropped their second album, State of Mind. ~ Mark Deming

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada