Heritage Worship - Top Songs

Thousand Hallelujahs (Psalms 96)
Sing to My King (Psalms 104)
Oh Praise the Lord (Psalms 117)
You Redeem My Life (Psalms 103)
The Lord is My Shield (Psalms 121)
We Give Thanks (Psalms 136)
Loving Faithful Father (Heritage Psalm)
You Are Here (Psalms 139)
Those Who Dwell (Psalms 91)
Your Great Name (Heritage Psalm)
Ascribe to the Lord (Psalms 29)
Your Great Name (Heritage Psalm) [Instrumental]
The Lord's Prayer
Everything About You
Come into Your Presence
Psalm 23
When the Enemy Comes
Walk in the Light
Just Like You
You Are the Greatest
Hail King Jesus
Only Your Word
Your Master Plan
Praise the Lord
Impossible Things (feat. Hayden Bradley)
He Lives Again (Hallelujah) [feat. Garrett Rhodes]
At the Cross (feat. Jordan Brown)
Long Awaited One (feat. Jordan Brown)
Glory to Our God (feat. Tim Laskowski)
White As Snow (feat. Joel Strode)
Made For This (feat. Erin Bradley) [Radio Edit]