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A French progressive band on the Musea label, Edhels plays symphonic instrumental prog rock and has been compared to Djam Karet. Formed in Monaco, the band was originally composed of Marc Ceccotti (lead guitar, keyboards), Jean-Louis Suzzoni (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Noel Damon (keyboards), and Jacky Rosati (drums, percussion). Influenced by such bands as Genesis (Steve Hackett, especially) and King Crimson, the group released their first record, Oriental Christmas, in 1985. It was followed by Still Dream in 1988, which found Edhels establishing more of an individual voice. Astro Logical (1991) was the band's last album and showed more of a turn to a new age sound, with greater emphasis on keyboards. Noel Damon then left the group and was replaced by Jean-March Bastianelli, with whom the group recorded 1997's Angel's Promise. Rosati then left the group, to be replaced by Yannick Chavatier. Edhels also added Lionel Routier on bass and guitar. In 2000, the band released The Bursting, which had been recorded in 1981. ~ Geoff Orens

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