Welcome To The Party

Welcome To The Party

When DJ and producer Sam Deep makes music, he’s always surrounded by an abundance of talent. Vocalists such as Sino Msolo, MalumNator and Babalwa M might show up, brainstorm ideas and start writing to his beats. “We feed off each other’s energy,” Deep tells Apple Music. “Sometimes I can suggest a theme and the vocalist comes up with the lyrics. Or they write according to what the beat is telling them.” His mentor and frequent collaborator De Mthuda is always around, which explains his appearance on a large portion of Deep’s second offering. “I will start a beat, and he could add on other elements and vice versa,” Deep explains. “Then a guitarist could play, and then we would give them direction. It’s all about playing with ideas and picking what works best.” This plays out on “Kusezo Khanya”, where the two producers enlist guitarist Sipho Magudulela and vocalist Babalwa M in a song that touches on the role played by optimism in love and life in general. Welcome to the Party is an exploration of Sam Deep’s take on amapiano, from the bouncy “Amaxoki” to the synth-laden instrumental “Dinosaur” to the soothing “Kancane” and “Emhlabeni”. Explaining the title, he says, “It means welcome to my territory, welcome to my sound, welcome to my party—I’m about to express myself.” Below, Deep breaks down the album, track by track. “Emhlabeni” [Sam Deep, MalumNator & MaWhoo] “Watch the company you keep. The song says you need to watch yourself and who you associate yourself with. Life is full of challenges, so be careful and watch your friends. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself stagnating while other people progress.” “Thokoza” [Sam Deep & MaWhoo] “Things have changed tremendously, so it’s a song about showing gratitude to the spirits at large. We thank them for guiding us.” “Ngaphakathi” (feat. De Mthuda) [Sam Deep & Sino Msolo] “It’s a song about a guy seeing his crush and expressing how he felt the moment he first saw her—butterflies in his stomach and all that. I-auti iyashela kahle kahle—the guy is basically macking.” “Kancane” (feat. Mkeyz & Dr Thulz) “It’s a song about how people wouldn’t take me seriously initially. People were underestimating me without knowing my full potential. So, they never took anything we did or said seriously, until now, when things are the way they are. Now people are trying to get closer to us. So, the song says you shouldn’t underestimate a person without knowing them.” “Kusezo Khanya” (feat. De Mthuda, Babalwa M & Sipho Magudulela) [Sam Deep & Playgal] “This song is saying there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t give up; keep pushing until you find your light.” “Amaxoki” (feat. MalumNator) “It’s a track about liars, two-faced people, who say things about you behind your back, instead of saying them to your face.” “Dinosaur” (feat. De Mthuda) “It’s an instrumental I made and was feeling at the moment. ‘Dinosaur’ is township slang for izinja—top dawgs.”

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