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My Ruin is essentially a solo project of Tairrie B. (formerly of Tura Satana). The group?s first recording was the single of their cover of ?Tainted Love?. That disc also included the original songs ?Blasphemous Girl? and ?Scars? and was released in 1999. The CD was followed shortly by the first full album, Speak and Destroy. Although that album surfaced in the UK in 1999, it wouldn?t see release in the US until 2000. The follow up ?A Prayer Under Pressure?Of Violent Anguish? saw its English release shortly after the US release of ?Speak?? (preceded by the single ?Beauty Fiend?, but again did not come out in America until 2001.

The current lineup for My Ruin is Tarrie, Mick Murphy and Meghan Mattox.

A third album, To Britain With Love, was released only in the UK. ~ Gary Hill

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