Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: Playing Love from The Legend of 1900
Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: Nostalgia from Cinema Paradiso
Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: Looking for You (Love Theme) from Cinema Paradiso
Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: Remembering (Ricordare)*
Sergio Leone Suite: Deborah's Theme from Once Upon A Time In America
Sergio Leone Suite: Cockeye's Song from Once Upon a Time in America
Sergio Leone Suite: Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in America
Sergio Leone Suite: Main Theme from Once Upon a Time in the West
Sergio Leone Suite: Ecstasy of Gold from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Brian DePalma Suite: Main Theme from Casualities of War
Brian DePalma Suite: Death Theme from The Untouchables
Moses and Marco Polo Suite: Theme from Moses
Moses and Marco Polo Suite: Main Theme from Marco Polo
The Lady Caliph: Dinner
The Lady Caliph: Nocturne
Ave Maria (Live)
When I Fall In Love (Live)
Seven Days (feat. Sting & Dominic Miller) [Live]
Emmanuel (feat. Lucia Micarelli) [Live]
I've Got You Under My Skin (feat. Katharine McPhee) [Live]
Cinema Paradiso (feat. Yo-Yo Ma) [Live]
Broken Vow (feat. Josh Groban) [Live]
Flamenco Sketches (Live)
Glad to Be Unhappy (feat. John Mayer) [Live]
Hallelujah (Live)
Smile (feat. Steven Tyler) [Live]
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (feat. Sting & Dominic Miller) [Live]
Time to Say Goodbye (Live)
Prelude No. 20 in C Minor
Per te (For You) [feat. Andrea Bocelli]
En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
You Are Not Alone
Losing You (feat. Vince Gill)
Tango Suite (feat. Herbie Hancock)
Oblivion (feat. Caroline Campbell)
Summertime (feat. David Foster)
Contigo en la Distancia
Over the Rainbow
What a Wonderful World (feat. Mark Knopfler)
Deborah's Theme (From "Once Upon a Time In America")
Italia (feat. Andrea Bocelli)
The Very Thought of You (feat. Paula Cole)
Gabriel's Oboe (From "the Mission")
I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (feat. Dean Martin)
The Way You Look Tonight
It Never Entered My Mind
Ave Maria
Nessun Dorma
Emmanuel (Bonus Track)
Flamenco Sketches (Bonus Track)
If I Loved You (feat. Paula Cole) [Bonus Track]
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Bonus Track)
The River
Flowing Blue
Deep Peace (Choral Version)
Southern Romance
Classique Noninoni
Hallway Man
Twisted Cupid
Flight to Freedom
Sunset on Lucia Rosa Bay
Valentine to Tagore (Instrumental)
Lover's Madness
40 Degrees in the Shade
Divya's Theme
She Wove a Cloak of Many Yarns
The Rose of Tralee-Danny Boy
Sitting On the Roof of the World
In Exile
Shadow Hunter
Come Tenderness
The Sea Whisperer
Mirror Medusa
Space Weaver
Towards the Tower
Wandering Star
Sword of the Samurai
The Valley of the Moon
Lost Boy

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