Cung Dan Dat Nuoc (Melody of the Country)
Nho'em (I Miss You)
Anh Van Hanh Quan (You're Marching On)
Ly Hoai Nam (Remembering the South)
Tu Dai Oan (Four Great Sorrows)
Qua Cau Gio Bay (Breeze Over the Bridge)
Canh Chim Bao Tin Vui (Bird Bringing Good News)
Dem Tay Nguyen (Night In Tay Nguyen)
Ru Con Nam Bo (Nam Bo Lullaby)
Qua Song (Crossing the River)
Ke Chuyen Ngay Mua (A Harvesting Song)
Tren Duong Chien Thang (On the Road to Victory)
Tro Ve Tay Nguyen (Coming Home to Tay Nguyen)
Vi Mien Nam (For Southern People)
Huong Sen Dong Thap (The Scent of the Dong Thap Lotus)

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