Dark Intelligence
From Past to Present
Believe in Your Strengths
Tales of Azeroth (From "World of Warcraft")
Rainbow Road (From "Mario Kart")
See You Next Time
Voices of Healing (feat. Reven)
Under Twilit Rain
Ancient Stones
Dark Lord Ganondorf
Termina's Demise
Healing Termina
Ending Theme (From "Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire")
Ballad of the Goddess
Thief Reborn (Remastered Version)
Dark Lord Ganondorf (feat. Theophany & Maxxxwell Carlisle) [Remastered Version]
Breath of the Wild
When Cherry Blossoms Fade (feat. ETHEReal String Orchestra & Reven)
Her Song
When Cherry Blossoms Fade (Reprise)
Sanctuary: Lavender Town (feat. Folklore Guild)
R: Silph Co.
Like No One Ever Was: Battle Vs. Gym Leader (feat. Reven)
Isn't It Wonderful (Suteki Da Ne) [feat. Reven]
Ballad of the Windfish
Sheik's Devotion (Remastered Version)
Ballad of the Goddess
March of the Giants
Inside the Moon (feat. Reven)
Children of Termina
Transformation (Ninth Chapter) [feat. Tiggs, Reven, Bijan Bryan Eghtesady & John Robert Matz]
Light of the Seven (From "Game of Thrones") [feat. Reven & Israfelcello]
Fódlan Winds (From "Fire Emblem Three Houses")
Twinleaf Town (feat. Reven)
Return to Oblivion
Dearly Beloved
Simple and Clean
Between Light and Dark
Sanctuary ~After the Battle~
Face My Fears
The Final World
Don't Think Twice
The Keyblade War
Fódlan Winds (feat. Reven)
Awakening (feat. Reven)
The Edge of Dawn (feat. Reven)
Memories of Mother (From "God of War") [feat. Reven & Patti Rudisill]
City Ruins (Shade)
Peaceful Sleep
Bipolar Nightmare
Memories of Dust
Voice of No Return
Face My Fears (From "Kingdom Hearts III") [feat. REVEN] [Lo - Fi Edit]
Numbani (From "Overwatch") [feat. Eric Buchholz & Reven] [Orchestral Remix]
A Funeral of Flowers (From "Fire Emblem: Three Houses") [feat. Reven & Luci Holland]
The Apex of the World (From "Fire Emblem: Three Houses") [feat. TeraCMusic, Samantha Ballard, Reven, Animevivi, Patti Rudisill, Joe Zieja, Fredrik Häthén & Israfelcello] [Piano, Strings, Voice, and Soprano Sax]
Ballad of the Goddess (feat. Reven)
The Final Battle (Elden Ring Soundtrack) (feat. Reven)

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