Last One Standing (Radio Edit)
Grin Song
Getting High
The Wait is Over
My God Has a Telephone
Rise Up
Since I Don’t Have You Anymore
Yo Todo Tu Yo
Over You
Things You Do
I Don't Want Your Love
What a Shame
Don't Get Caught
Let's Get Funky
Surfboard City, USA
Falling in Love Again
Burning Fire
The Way That I Do
Couldn't Seal the Deal
Fall In Love Again
Keep On Praying
She's Gone
Sagat Theme
Two In the Ground
Love Me Like You Used To
G'on Use It (pt. 2)
Boiling Pot
Bird of the World
Black Moon Rising
No No
Don't Let It Bring You Down
Jimmy's Groove
Chemical Plant Zone
Promises I've Made
Dreamin's For Free
G'on Use It (pt. 1)
Changes (Demo)
God's Gonna Move His Hand
Instant Trancer
Wake Up, Brother
Careless Whisper
How Have I Lived (Demo)
You Don't Wanna Be My Baby
No Time to Be Sad
Last One Standing
Who We Are
Sit Down Baby
King of Misdirection
Power To the People
Ice Breaker
If I Got It (Your Love Brought It)
It's Only Us (Acoustic)
Queen Bee
Santa's Watching You
Who Could It Be?
The Truth (feat. Kelly Finnigan)
Bad News
More Than a Memory
Wrong Wrong Wrong
I'll Never Love Again (Instrumental)
Cloud of Smoke
She Won't Be Gone Long
Fuzzy Logic