The Lodge

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The Lodge

The lodge is the center of life on the reservation, the place where the community gathers for education, spiritual guidance, sacred rituals, and cultural celebration. And it’s a place where music is expressed in its purest, most physical form through powwow dances and ceremonial singing. Think of this playlist as a vicarious visit to these special spaces, through artists who’ve brought the communal spirit of the lodge to festival audiences across Turtle Island, and those who use throat-singing traditions to address the modern-day plights of Indigenous people. The Lodge’s cover was created by Oji-Cree artist Jordan Stranger. “All of the designs have representations of spirit, singing, nature, and animals,” Stranger tells Apple Music. “In a sacred lodge, that is where all things meet: the good, the bad, and love. Indigenous peoples have many types of lodges, but the most important lodge to consider is the one we carry—our bodies. All things are connected in these lodges, with everyone taking part and having a role to play.” Our editors regularly update this playlist. If you hear something you like, add it to your library.

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