For Bob
Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast
Electric Counterpoint: II. Slow
Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
Piano Counterpoint
WTC 9/11: II. 2010
WTC 9/11: III. WTC
Mallet Quartet: I. Fast
Mallet Quartet: II. Slow
Mallet Quartet: III. Fast
Mallet Quartet
Double Sextet: I. Fast
Double Sextet: II. Slow
Double Sextet: III. Fast
2x5: I. Fast
2x5: II. Slow
2x5: III. Fast
Daniel Variations: II. My Name Is Daniel Pearl (I'm a Jewish American from Encino California)
Daniel Variations: IV. I Sure Hope Daniel Likes My Music, When the Day Is Done
Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings: I. Fast
Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings: II. Slow
Variations for Vibes, Pianos, and Strings: III. Fast
Drumming (Four Tet Remix)
Proverb (Alex Smoke Remix)
Music for 18 Musicians (Ruoho Ruotsi's Pulse Section Dub Remix)
Come Out (1966)
You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are
Shiviti Hashem L'Negdi (I Place the Eternal Before Me)
Explanations Come to An End Somewhere
Ehmor M'aht, V'ahsay Harbay (Say Little and Do Much)
Cello Counterpoint
Hindenburg: II.  A Very Impressive Thing to See
Hindenburg: III. I Couldn't Understand It
Triple Quartet: First Movement
Triple Quartet: Second Movement
Triple Quartet: Third Movement
Electric Guitar Phase
Music for a Large Ensemble
Tokyo / Vermont Counterpoint
New York Counterpoint: I. Fast
New York Counterpoint: II. Slow
New York Counterpoint: III. Fast
Eight Lines (Octet)
Four Organs
Music for 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)
Eight Lines (Howie B Remix)
The Four Sections (Andrea Parker Remix)
Megamix (Tranquility Bass Remix)
Drumming (Mantronik Maximum Drum Formula)
Proverb (Nobukazu Takemura Remix)
Piano Phase (D*Note's Phased & Konfused Mix)
City Life (Open Circuit)
Come Out (Ken Ishii Remix)
Music for 18 Musicians: I. Pulses
Music for 18 Musicians: II. Section I
Music for 18 Musicians: III. Section II
Music for 18 Musicians: IV. Section IIIA
Music for 18 Musicians: V. Section IIIB
Music for 18 Musicians: VI. Section IV
Music for 18 Musicians: VII. Section V
Music for 18 Musicians: VIII. Section VI
Music for 18 Musicians: IX. Section VII
Music for 18 Musicians: X. Section VIII
Music for 18 Musicians: XI. Section IX
Music for 18 Musicians: XII. Section X
Music for 18 Musicians: XIII. Section XI
Music for 18 Musicians: XIV. Pulses
Nagoya Marimba
City Life: I. Check It Out

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