Editors’ Notes In 2020, Compton rapper Roddy Ricch's massive hit “The Box” and his breakout album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial were inescapable—and we've got the numbers to prove it. The contagious single has accumulated more than 460 million Apple Music streams worldwide to date, while the album ran up a massive 1.5 billion streams worldwide, earning the rapper Top Song and Top Album of the Year for the 2020 Apple Music Awards. In this performance and short film for the Awards filmed in his native Los Angeles, Roddy marks the achievement by taking us on a beautifully shot journey that pays homage to his roots with a recreation of the apartments he grew up in as his backdrop. “I feel like where I grew up, it just made me kind of who I am, and that just bleeds through the music,” he tells Apple Music. “Whatever I done experienced, whatever I had to go through, good or bad, that's just what shaped me.”

From the courtyard where he performs “War Baby” (complete with a small choir to reflect his upbringing in the church) to the hallway that sets the scene for “Start wit Me” and the claustrophobic living room that brings a dose of reality to “The Box,” viewers are dropped into a day in the life of one of the year's brightest stars. And he doesn't take his unlikely journey for granted. “To have Top Song and Album of the Year is everything, because it doesn't constrict me to a genre,” he says. “It doesn't constrict me to any type of limitations or walls, and it shows people from where I'm from you can knock down any barrier.”

Apple Music Awards 2020 Performance
Apple Music Awards 2020 Intro
War Baby (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)
Start Wit Me (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)
ROCKSTAR (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)
The Box (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)
High Fashion (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)
Ballin' (Live: Apple Music Awards 2020)