I Am Legend (feat. Ice-T)
Livin Good (feat. Omega Redd, Murkie Doe & Bianca Siano)
Pressed Up
Monkey Wasn't Fonky
Give a Dogg a Bone (feat. Alan Dubz, Kilo M.O.E & Dank Synatra)
Makaveli's Sun
Hands Up Don't Shoot (feat. Bossolo & Reime Schemes) [Radio Version]
Cradle to the Grave
Str8 Ballin'
All About U (feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Dru Down)
Business Over Pleasure (feat. Yukmouth & Young Noble)
West Coast Party (feat. Ms. D Dangerous, Big Prodeje, Mer-C, South Central Cartel, East Side_KBoy & Prodeje)
Money Over Here
Hood Slang
Make It Shake
Hands Up Don't Shoot (feat. Bossolo & Reime Schemes) [Radio Version]
Badder Than You
Valentine Thang
***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Hot Sex
Man Down (feat. Lil Wap)
This Is It (Visions from 2019)
Hands Up (feat. Spade)
Play the game (feat. Alan Dubz & VS Chase)
Endless Love (feat. Omega Redd & Va'Les) [Digitally Remastered]
Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up 2)
U Can't Play a Playa (feat. Kilo M.O.E) [Greenmix]
Baby Please (Let's Party) (feat. Real Testimoni)
For my hood (feat. Wild Weasel & Blackout) [Greenmix]
Trend Setter
What's Good (feat. T-Pain) [Bonus]
DASS2DAFLO (feat. Hollywood Bakardi)
Blacc N Brown Pride Greenmix (feat. San Quinn & Makaveli) [Radio Version]
Makaveli's Sun (feat. K-Lon the Artist) [Radio Version]
Real Bad Boyz (feat. Makaveli & Gangsta Dee the Mad Bitch) [Radio Version]
How long will they mourn me? Greenmix (feat. Makaveli, Big Syke, Macadoshis, Kyle Rifkin & Rated R) [Radio Version]
Falling Soldiers (feat. Bossolo & Makaveli) [Radio Version]
LA 2 the bay (Swagger) (feat. Bossolo) [Radio Version]
Have heart have money (feat. Makaveli, Taje, Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur & Macadoshis) [Radio Version]
Filmoe 2 San Jo (feat. Jay T & Young Noble) [Radio Version]
Under Pressure On My Blocc (feat. Makaveli) [Radio Version]
Getto Child (Radio Version)
Hands Up Don't Shoot (feat. Bossolo & Reime Schemes) [Radio Version]
Luv Me As a Broke (Radio Version)
Watchin you Greenmix (feat. Makaveli & Bossolo) [Radio Version]
Live Without You (Radio Version)
Intro Immortal Thug Life Outlawz
Thug 4 Life (feat. Havikk the Rhime Son)
Makaveli's Revenge
West Up (Mixshowblast) (feat. Big Syke)
Til we rise (Thug Shit) (feat. Poetic Latter Day 2Pac)
Heavy Hittaz (feat. Dank Synatra, DJ King Assassin & Alan Dubz)
Life or Death Choose a Side (feat. Trevon & Kizzo the Banger)
Kriminal Minded (feat. Makaveli)
Play the game (feat. Alan Dubz & VS Chase)
Just the Way You Want It (feat. Makaveli & Roniece Levias)
Still True (feat. Alan Dubz & Poetic Latter Day 2Pac)
Livin' the Thug Life (feat. Makaveli)
Tearz from the struggle (feat. Alan Dubz & DJ GREENGUY)
Thuggn out (Thuggin it) (feat. Alan Dubz)
Shit don't Stop (feat. K Davis the hitman, Real Testimoni & Row Stacks)
Virtual Christmas
Heavy Hittaz (feat. Dank Synatra, Alan Dubz & DJ King Assassin) [Greenmix]
Heavy Hittaz (Craziest) (feat. Dank Synatra, K Davis the hitman, Alan Dubz & DJ King Assassin) [Greenmix IV Extended Version]
Choke Hold (feat. Compton Menace & K Davis the hitman)
Uppidy (Deluxe)
Litty AF (Digitally Remastered 2022)
Hands Up Don't Shoot (feat. Bossolo & Reime Schemes) [Radio Version]
Wanna Ride on My Wave (Bank Roll)
Players Club
Wouldn't Understand
Tripz over season (feat. Cappadonna & K Davis the hitman)
Mighty Fly (Mighty Fine) (feat. Cappadonna & Real Testimoni)
DouGFresH (Radio Version)
DJ Greenguy Presents Pedals (feat. Vidal Garcia) [Greenmix]
Eastside 2 da Westside (feat. Row Stacks, K Davis the hitman, Ric-Hard, PlatinumBrownSuga & Real Testimoni) [Explicit]
Eastcoast witda Eastcoast (Freestyle)
Throw ya gunz up (feat. Makaveli, Redman & DJ King Assassin) [Radio Version]
Ride (feat. Kintero Shinigami & K Davis the hitman) [Radio Version]
Sippin on a mojito (feat. DJ GREENGUY & Alan Dubz) [Radio Version]
NeWest (feat. Dank Synatra & DJ King Assassin) [Radio Version]
War Gamez (feat. Makaveli, Mr. Loco & Travis Bryant) [Radio Version]
Death Wish (feat. K Davis the hitman, Lazaris the Top Don & Big Twins) [Radio Version]
Cloudy dayz (feat. Bossolo & Big Syke) [Radio Version]
Thugz get lonely 2 (feat. Makaveli, DJ King Assassin, K Davis the hitman, Gonzoe & Mexicali) [Greenmix Radio Version]
My Senorita (feat. DJ King Assassin, San Quinn, Gangsta Reese & D.C.) [Radio Version]
Tripz over season (feat. Cappadonna, K Davis the hitman & DJ GREENGUY) [Radio Version]
World Wide Dime Pieces (feat. DJ King Assassin, Makaveli & Nice N Smooth) [Radio Version]
Caught up n da struggle (feat. Bossolo, Young Noble & Aloe Jo'el) [Radio Version]
Renegadez (feat. DJ GREENGUY, Jarren Benton, Row Stacks & K Davis the hitman) [Radio Version]
XXL (feat. K Davis the hitman, Row Stacks & DJ GREENGUY) [Radio Version]
Big Tyme (feat. Makaveli, DJ King Assassin & Live Squad) [DJ GREENGUY Remix]
Devilz Advocate (feat. K Davis the hitman, Row Stacks & DJ GREENGUY) [Radio Version]
California Dreamin (feat. Makaveli, San Quinn, DJ King Assassin & Shock G) [Extended Eternal Thug Life Mix]