The Old Man of Lochnagar Suite: III. Dance of the Eagle
Sichuan Image, Op. 70: No. 22, A Morning Sun Over Qiang Village
Viento del oeste: III. Animato - Celebration
Frankenstein, Op. 130, Act I Scene 5: The Anatomy Theatre (Live)
String Quartet No. 3 "Mishima" (Arr. P. Kuusisto for String Orchestra): VI. Mishima/Closing
And the Swallow (Arr. J. Azkoul for String Orchestra)
Pluto's Crossing: Id. The Journey
The Last of Us Part II
7 Character Pieces (Excerpts): No. 3, Song
In Memory of an Artist, Op. 163: I. Fantasy on a Fourth
One Thousand and One Nights Suite (After F. Amirov): V. Sheherazade's Love Theme - Fairy Tales
El Olimpo de los dioses (Excerpts Arr. for Wind Band): VI. Hephaestus (Live)
A Kiss in the Dark
The Shape of Freedom
Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30, Trv 176: I. Einleitung, oder Sonnenaufgang (Live)
Symphony No. 9, "From Queen Dagmar's City", BVN 282: Ribe Cathedral. Lento
Everything Lasts Forever: III. We Have All the Time in the World
Domino Suite: III. Surrender
Symphony No. 1, Op. 26 "Towards the Mountains": II. Allegro
Swedish Rhapsody No. 3, Op. 47: II. Allegro violento (Alternative Ending Version)
5 kleine Stücke für Cello und Klavier, WV 572: No. 4, Presto giocoso
Cydalise et le chèvre-pied Suite No. 1: I. L'école des Aegipans
Pluto's Crossing: IIIb. Portraits of Secrets
Silouan's Song (Version for String Orchestra)
American Symphony: III. Rondo
Game of Thrones Theme (Arr. P. Katona & Z. Katona for Guitar Duo)
Frescoes and Ash (Version for Clarinet, String Quartet, Double Bass, Piano & Percussion): VII. Ash [Awareness of Mortality]
The Adventures of Florian, Act I: Isabella
Piano Concerto: IV. Finale. Fast (Live)
Out of the Darkness
Concerto of Life, Op. 23c: I. Life Song
Mysteries of the Horizon: IV. The Discovery of Fire
Zelda's Lullaby
Harpsichord Concerto No. 7 in G Minor, BWV 1058: I. —
Sonata No. 34 in E Major
3 Mazurkas, Op. 27: No. 2, —
12 Caprices, Op. 25: No. 10, Allegro deciso
An American Symphony No. 1: II. The Sangre de Cristos
Slaraffenland (Fools' Paradise), Op. 33: Suite II: V. Pas de deux
Suite No. 3, Op. 19, No. 1 (version for 2 violins and string orchestra): I. Prelude: Adagio
Theme for Harp, Strings & Theremin (From "First Man")
Chrono Trigger: Main Theme
Brannigan's Journey, Op. 30
Symphony for Solo Piano, Op. 39 Nos. 4-7: IV. Finale. Presto
String Quartet in C Minor: III. Scherzo. Allegro moderato
One Thousand and One Nights Suite (After F. Amirov): VI. Sheherazade's Triumph
Scythian Suite, Op. 20 "Ala i Lolli": II. The Enemy God and the Dance of the Spirits of Darkness
Das Rheingold, WWV 86a: Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla (Arr. H. Zumpe)
Advanced Soldier Overture
Airport Scenes (Orchestral Suite from "Flight"): IV. Departure
An American Symphony No. 1: I. Rocky Mountain Odyssey
The Adventures of Florian, Act II: Gifts
Medal of Honor Suite (Arr. S. Simonec)

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