Javelin (Move Your Body) [from Supervillain (Music Inspired by the Suicide Squad)]
Folsom Prison Blues (Live)
Sucker's Prayer
Samba Na Sola
Whistle for the Choir
Amanda Waller [from Supervillian (Music Inspired by the Suicide Squad)] [feat. Steve Agee]
Harley Sings
Breaking into Jotunheim
Point of Know Return
Dirty Little Secrets
Peacemaker... What a Joke
King Shark and the Clyrax (feat. Jessica Rotter)
Bombs Go Off!
Bloodsport (feat. Weasel) [Weasel Remix]
Can't Sleep
Suicide Squad vs. Starro the Conqueror
Quem Tem Joga (feat. Glória Groove & Karol Conká)
The Star-Crossed Wake Up
Rain (from The Suicide Squad)
Panic on the Streets
Just a Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody (Remastered)
The Squad Turn Back
The Squad Fight Back
So Busted
Oh No!!! (from The Suicide Squad)
Bloodsport's Deal
Harley Quinn

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