Editors’ Notes Ahead of the release of Chromatica, Lady Gaga sat down for a socially distanced chat with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. In a wide-ranging conversation, they discussed making music as a form of therapy (“my way of dealing with pain is that I write songs”), working with collaborators like Ariana Grande (“this friendship blossomed”), and what she plans to do after the quarantine is lifted (“I’m probably going to go to every gay club that I can find, and hug and kiss every human that I come in contact with”).

Pt. 1: “I can’t wait to dance with people to this music.”
Pt. 2: “Could you pull me out of this alive?”
Pt. 3: “This music actually healed me.”
Pt. 4: “Make it unsafe.”
Pt. 5: “This is the dance floor I fought for.”
Pt. 6: “I want everyone to win.”
Pt. 7: “It’s not just about the music.”