Ludwig van BadGuy (After Beethoven & Billie Eilish)
And Dream of Sheep (Arr. W. Newell for String Quartet)
And So It Goes (Arr. for Piano)
12 Songs for Guitar (Excerpts): No. 12, Yesterday [After J. Lennon & P. McCartney]
Heart of Glass (Crabtree Remix)
The Boxer (Arr. A. Jackman & J. Rendenbach for Vocal Ensemble)
Medley: Weird Fishes/Pyramid Song/15-Step (Arr. A. Venet)
Lightning Crashes
Bird Set Free
Story of My Life (Live)
I Will Always Love You (Arr. M. Schiller for Orchestra)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Arr. S. Mulligan for Piano)
Ziggy Stardust
Billie Jean (arr. G. Anderson and E. J. Roe)
Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 5 (After Bach's BWV 1052): II. Blackbird
Uptown Funk
Stayin' Alive
Human Nature (Arr. R. Boyd & L. Metcalf for Cello & Guitar)
Someone You Loved
Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 8 (After Vivaldi's, Op. 8): I. A Day in the Life
Purple Haze (Arr. D. Schnyder for String Orchestra)
3 Libras (Arr. C. O'Riley for Cello & Piano)
Pyramid Song (Arr. C. O'Riley for Cello & Piano)
Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Arr. for Voice & Piano]
Lamento: No. 2, My Song
Dancing in the Dark
Sweet Child O'Mine (Arr. S. Vango)
Everybody Knows (Arr. L.P. Woolf)
Truth Hurts
The Climb (feat. Peter Hollens)
Theme (From "Mission Impossible") [Arr. J. Barralet for Cello Quartet]
If It's Magic
7 Etudes on Song Melodies "Earl Wild" (Excertps): No. 5, Embraceable You
What a Wonderful World
Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 1 (In the style of Handel): I. She Loves You: A tempo giusto
Symphony No. 4 "Heroes": I. Heroes
Bohemian Rhapsody (Arr. G. Anderson & E.J. Roe for Piano Duo)
Just the Way You Are
Reflection (Arr. L. Holdridge)
12 Songs for Guitar (Excerpts): No. 2, Over the Rainbow [After H. Arlen]
Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 3 (In the style of J. S. Bach): VI. Yellow Submarine
The Sound of Silence (Arr. P. Glass for Piano)
I Can't Give Everything Away
Supermassive Black Hole (Arr. M. van Prooijen for Chamber Ensemble)
Beatles Concerto Grosso No. 6 (After Bach's BWV 1041): II. Something
Sympathy for the Devil (Arr. D. Schnyder for String Orchestra)
Back in Black
We Are the Champions (Arr. S. Mulligan for Piano)
Hey You (Arr. M. van Prooijen for Chamber Ensemble)
True Colors (Live)
Viva la Vida (arr. G. Anderson and E. J. Roe)
Julia (Arr. R. Boyd for Guitar)
Killing Me Softly (Arr. for Orchestra)

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