That's What You Always Say
Erica's Word
Going Down to Liverpool
In and Out of My Life (In a Day)
I've Tried Subtlety
Talking In My Sleep
Red Sun (Remastered)
Train Whistle
Hero Takes a Fall (Single Remix)
And Then the Rain
25 Pills (feat. Barbara Manning)
She Hangs Brightly
Still Holding On to You
Looking for Lewis & Clark
The Real World
You Are My Friend
Temporal Slut
Not Because You Can
Final Wild Son
Blue Flower
Getting out of Hand
1 Hour 1/2 Ago
Not Your Fault (Remastered)
Zero Hour (Live)
The Side I'll Never Show
Steps to the Door
That's Your Way Out
Stupid Einstein
This Can't Be Today
When You Smile
What Price for Freedom
Be My Angel
Pages Turn (feat. Barbara Manning)
Mr. Limpet (Remastered)
Tears Won't Help
She's Looking at You
What's She Done to Your Mind
Lucifer Sam

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