Katy Perry Essentials

Katy Perry Essentials

She kissed a girl, she liked it, and the rest is history. Bounding into the zeitgeist in 2008 with her tribute to bi-curiosity, Katy Perry became pop's version of a Hollywood superhero—a sparkly, neon Wonder Woman in Daisy Dukes with a gift for stadium-sized hooks. Few artists have so many era-defining hits: There are sunny, eyelash-batting flirtations (“Teenage Dream,” “California Gurls”), larger-than-life empowerment anthems (“Firework,” “Roar”), EDM bangers (“Dark Horse”), bubbly ballads (“Birthday”), and songs that get people dancing on tables (“Last Friday Night [T.G.I.F.]”). Even her darkest moments are rendered with unshakable optimism; her 2020 album Smile, which details her struggles with fame, marriage, and mental health, is full of disco-fied synths and resolve. Her entire rainbow catalog is now available in Spatial Audio, and here you’ll find our can’t-miss selections.

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