Up Wareika Hill
Mandela Version
Move Out of Babylon Dub
Drum Song Dub
War In the Asteroid Belt
Heavy Duty
Concrete Jungle Dub
Dub M.P.L.A.
Resignation Dub
Dub You Haffe Dub
The Ghost (Marcus Garvey)
Roots Dub
None of Jah Jah Children No Cry
Hijack the Barber
Beyond the Realms of Dub
King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown
Jacqueline Dub
Dub Fire
Burial Dub
Taxi to Baltimore Dub
Blackboard Jungle Dub (Ver.1)
Channel One Feel It
Roots, Rock, Dub (Single Dub Mix)
A Ruffer Dub
Jamaican Colley (Version)
Dub Him
Cuss Cuss (Edit)
Plague of Zombies
Dub To Africa
Saturday Night Style
Truth and Right
African Dub
Fittest of the Dub Fittest
Walls of Jerusalem (Yabby You Meets King Tubby)
In the Future
So Jah Seh Dub
One Million Man Dub
Barbwire Disaster
Deliver Dub
Vampires (Dub Version)
Immigrant Dub
Leggo Beast
No Partial
Black Wa-Da-Da (Invasion)
Deck of Cards
Far East Dub
Freedom Illusion
Noah Sugar Pan
Satta Dread Dub
Enjoyment Dub
Money In My Pocket Version
Jahovah In Dub Majesty
Ghetto In the Sky
Cassava Piece ('79 Style)
Dub Glory
Depth Charge
Your Teeth in My Neck
Satta Dub
African Roots
Freedom Dub
Dub Stepper
Angolian Chant
Fast Forward Into Dub
E.T. Special
Roots Commandment
Rockers Delight
Foundation Stepper
A. Dungeon B. Merchant Ship C. Jah Army Band (feat. Bim Sherman & Prince Far I)
Original Dub
Creation In a Iration
Rockers Dub
Martian Encounter
Tribesman Dub
Crab Yars
Version Dread
Man from Shooters Hill
No Mans Land
Cut After Cut (2006 Remastered Version)
Bionic Horn Dub
Downing Street Rock
Merry Up
Ball of Fire
Guiding Dub
Heavy Manners/ Heavyweight Version
Dub From Creation
Buckshot (Dub)
Ites Of Dub

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