Ain't That A Shame
I Hear You Knockin' (Digitally Remastered)
Valley of Tears
I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
Shrimp and Gumbo
Jump Children
My Girl Josephine
Would You
3 Monkeys
Country Boy Goes Home
It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)
I'm Gone
You Ain't so Such a Much
That's How You Got Killed Before
I'm Going to Be a Wheel Someday
I Want You to Know
Go On Fool
Ah Cubanas
All By Myself
Don't Leave Me This Way
Walking to New Orleans
Great Big Eyes (Those Little Reds)
I Can't Go On (Rosalie)
My Girl Josephine
Pony Tail
Bye Bye Baby
Whole Lotta Loving
Down Yonder
Lil' Liza Jane
I'm Gone (feat. Fredrica Tibbs)
Real Gone Lover
It's You I Love
Lillie Mae
You Can Pack Your Suitcase
Let the Four Winds Blow
Poor Me

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