Damien Lamar - Sentiments (25th Anniversary Collection)

Damien Lamar - Sentiments (25th Anniversary Collection)

Hey! What's jazzin'? I am preparing to reassert my presence with a non-conformist music collection. I have to be honest: there won't be any new music coming out any time soon. I'm currently in "Download" mode.  At the moment, I am focusing all my energy on my upcoming project, which is a time travel anthology. As I look back on a musical journey spanning 25 years, of which was no easy feat. This compilation encompasses a variety of songs and their narratives from my career over the last 25 years. This journey stretches from my performances at @cypressrecords in the late 90s to the present, an era I refer to as “NOW:TIME” and a constant significant moment. Track selection for "Sentiments" was a nostalgic drive down memory lane. Each song felt like a defining moment in my 25-year musical journey, marking a specific point that I'll never forget. The reason I titled this collection "Sentiments" is quite simple. It's all about the heart, the emotions that these songs evoke in me, and hopefully in you as well. Let's talk about the tracks. Classics include "I Love You So" and "Convinced," as well as heartbreakers like Falling and "LifeTime (Zeke Haines Remix)". This music collection features various songs, including the upbeat "Touch," the emotional "MY LOVE IS A TEMPLE," and the alluring "Liquid Love" featuring music produced by Saba X in Ukraine. Popular tracks among fans are "Change (Prelude)," "Falling," and "NOW TIME," while the sentimental "Am I Wrong" completes the collection. Together, these superstar producers brought their unique talents and expertise to those who were responsible for making this a reality: long-time collaborators, Tommy Bridgewater and Nicholas "Drum God Virtuoso" Jones, Stephan Pitois, and Mikael Jabroux, both seasoned producers in their own right. contributed their vast knowledge of electronic music to create innovative and captivating soundscapes. Ezekiel Haines, and J.HNTR, all talented in their own right, added their own unique touches to the mix, helping to bring their contributions to life. "Sentiments" is not only a collection of my hand-picked song selections; it's a ticket to "a sentimental ride-out". I have enjoyed putting this together and hope that it takes you on a profound journey, just as it did for me. Whether you've been rocking with me since the beginning or you've only recently discovered my music, "Sentiments" is for you. It's a call to feel, dance, and allow these melodies to touch your soul. Keep the mantra in mind: listen, feel, dance, and repeat.

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