Midnight Crisis (feat. Danielle Bradbery)
I Found You
Tale Of Two Towns (Single)
Somethin' Bout You
Used To Wish I Was
Burn, Burn, Burn
Sweet Symphony (feat. Chris Stapleton)
Feet Wanna Run
Cheddar Biscuits (feat. Willie Jones) [Apple Music Sessions]
We Got History
Slow Drawl
Damn Good Life
The Last Time
Summer On Your Lips
Watching Love Leave
Money Spent
If I Was Your Lover (feat. Morgan Wade)
Buy A Girl A Drink
Growing Pains
Prettiest Girl I Don't Know
Tennessee Orange
Angel Band (Jubilee Version)
Blame 'Em Both
Different Man
A Special Place
Girl in Love
No Body
Key West & Colorado
First Taste of Gone
Nothin' Right
Hood of That Car
Lost Right Now
We Bought a House
Get A Dog
That Drink
One Day Tonight
Dancin’ In The Country
Get Low, Get High (Part 2) [feat. Jon Batiste & Michael Todd]
Thought You Should Know
Wood On The Fire
The Wolves
I Remember
Feel Like This
Close Enough
wait in the truck
Forgive Me (feat. Willie Jones) [Apple Music Sessions]
Lookin' for You
I CAN'T WAIT TO LOVE YOU (feat. Anna Moon)
Beer With My Friends
By You
Cowgirls Don't Cry (feat. Lainey Wilson) [Apple Music Sessions]
what made you think?
be alright
In a World
One Hell of an Angel
Little Miss Saturday Night
getting into
Mine Again
Straight Tequila Night
Carrying Your Love
If I Knew What Was Good for Me
Love You a Little Bit
Single Life
Shakin' In Them Boots
Something About What Happens When We Talk
In My Drinks
Man Made
Off The Deep End
Autumn Came Back (feat. Lucie Silvas)
Better Love
Tears the Size of Texas
Sunset Carousel
5:00 in the Country
Red Dirt Cursed
Me Myself and Why
Mr. Saturday Night
Hate My Heart
Try Losing One
Come On With It
I Want You To Leave
Rain All Summer
If She Wants a Cowboy
Mighta Just Met Her
Death and Taxes
Wild Palomino
What I Get for Loving You
it won't always be this way
Burn Me Down
Good With Goodbye

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