The Star Spangled Banner (The U.S. National Anthem)
The Army Goes Rolling Along (The U.S. Army Song)
Semper paratus (The U.S. Coast Guard Song)
The Marines' Hymn (The U.S. Marine Song)
The Stars and Stripes Forever
The Thunderer
American Salute
Chimes of Liberty
Patriot's Song Medley
Garry Owen
The Gallant Seventh
Hail to the Spirit of Liberty
American Fanfare
Last Full Measure of Devotion
The Flag Still Flies High
They Died for You, They Died for Me
American Pageant
The Liberty Bell
Hands Across the Sea
Honor With Dignity
Esprit de corps
On Dress Parade
God Bless the USA
God of Our Fathers
Eternal Father (The U.S. Navy Hymn)
Shenandoah, Blow the Man Down
America, My Country 'Tis of Thee
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Army Strong
National Spirit March
Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder (The U.S. Air Force Song)
March of the Women Marines
Sound Off, Air Force Blue
Blues (Deliver My Soul)

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