Midnight At Vic's
Still Sober (After All These Beers)
Great Atomic Power
Run Mountain
This Little Girls Gone Rockin
Out All Night
Surf Demon #5
Quit That Jealousy
Rat Creek
Blue Surf
Roots Rock Weirdoes
Round Too Long
Poor Little Critter on the Road
Clam Chowder
Wild Wild Lover
Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
Johnny Law
Tearin' My Hair Out
Rebel Rock Armageddon
Cool Love
Red Red Robin
Throwin' Away My Money
Gurjieff Girl
Drug Store Rock and Roll
Medicine Ball
Rock 'n' Roll Baby
Mon Dieu
Lonely Boy
Sputnik 57
In Oxford Mississippi
Boogie Woogie Country Gal
All My Loving
Liza Jane
And I Love Her
Rock Your Baby
Burn On Love Fire

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