Give Me Back My Wig (Remastered)
Now That I'm Down
Hot Sauce (Live)
Somebody Loan Me a Dime
That's Why I'm Crying (Remastered)
Honey Hush! (Talking Woman Blues)
Trouble Don't Last Always
Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
When I Get Drunk
Don't Take Advantage of Me (Remastered)
Strike Like Lightning
Oreo Cookie Blues
When a Guitar Plays the Blues
High Wire
Black Cat Bone
The Dream
Richest Man
Something Inside of Me
Chicken, Gravy and Biscuits (Remastered)
Corner of the Blanket
Two-Fisted Mama
Middle Aged Blues Boogie (Live)
Ghetto Child
The Blues Overtook Me
Pawnshop Bound
Little Car Blues
Keep Your Hands Out of My Pockets
The Blues Ain't Going Nowhere
Fish Ain't Bitin'
Long Hot Night
Mighty Long Time
V-8 Ford
It's Raining
Okie Dokie Stomp
Echoes Of My Sins
Amazing Grace
Homeless Child
Big City
It's Raining
Empty Promises
No Ice In My Bourbon
Even the Saved Need Saving
Crime Scene
The Pain Around Me
Take Five (Remastered)

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