Alanis Morissette Essentials

Alanis Morissette Essentials

It’s easy to forget what a gamble Alanis Morissette took when making the leap from teen-pop product to the dynamic, multifaceted singer-songwriter she became. Funny, angry, wise, raw, and redemptive, Morissette’s music brings the full range of the feminine perspective into mainstream pop in a way it had never quite been invoked before her arrival, giving public voice to feelings and desires that for many listeners—women and men—might’ve otherwise remained stranded between the covers of a diary, if voiced at all. Even as her identity evolved—from searching young woman to mature (but still searching!) mother and wife—the Ottawa-born Morissette retains an incisiveness and wit (“That’s it, I am buying a Lamborghini,” she quips on “Reasons I Drink”) that make her stand out. Former child star turns beacon of self-empowerment: Ironic, maybe. Brave, definitely.

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