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355 Ratings

divashalo ,

Too Sexy? Get Over It.

To the reviewers who are saying that Beyonce is disgusting and promoting pornography in this video…seriously?! Who are you guys? Are you representatives of the Christian right or something? This is pop music we’re talking about, and female artists have always been trying to push the boundaries of what’s sexually acceptable and what isn’t. Madonna first did it in the 1980’s…it is now 2014. I really didn’t think it would still be a problem.

Beyonce is sexy and she knows it and wants to show off. What’s wrong with that? What about the guys who feel the need to prove their masculinity by taking off their shirt in videos? Is that also considered porn? Geez lighten up if it’s too hot for you to handle then get out of the kitchen lol.

Benji R. ,


So hot !! These beautiful ladies are flaunting their sexuality on their own terms nothing is hotter !

Gianna920 ,


Never have, and never will understand why this culture idolizes Beyoncè.

If you do, chances are you only do because everyone else does...if you really pay attention to her lyrics, behavior, and image, it's nothing worth praising. As a mixed young woman, I'm not empowered by her at all.

All she writes about is this: you have to act sexual, egoistic, and rich in order to be successful. Nothing that's gonna make people genuinely better, so why then do we say she's empowering?

All I'm saying is that you don't have to be obsessed with Beyoncè just because everyone else is. As a generation, we can pick better role models for young girls. Rise above the normal.

Just a thought^

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