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35 Ratings


Love it!


LoLuna11 ,

Now I get it!

Back in the '80's I liked this song, but was creeped out by the video. Now, NOW after all these years I finally GET IT! I understand the hidden messages: the eyes, the globe, the boat, the cellos, the cows! I "UNDERSTAND" now... LOVE IT! LOVE!

Izzy472 ,

I'm confused

While I love this video....I mean who else but Annie Lennox can dye their hair this God awful shade of bright orange and still look this beautiful???.... but why does iTunes think they need it to put it on here like 3 times? Aren't they all the same video?
So then I'm left wondering what the hell happened to Eurythmics' video for "Sex Crimes ( 1984 )". It used to be available on iTunes. The SONG itself has never been available, but at least you could get the video for it.
Sweet Dreams is definitely a classic though. Annie Lennox is, and always will be, simply awesome!!

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