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926 Ratings

mgaskins ,

So u said Ciara Jacked Beyonce...

Now there are indeed similarities to some of beyonces past vids i will agree with that but i cannot imagine why her fans seem to be so outraged by this since beyonce's most successful videos have been completely unoriginal... now she did admit to using Fosse's Mexican Breakfast routine as the source of her choreography but she only did that since it was all over you tube, however she did not give her credit as being the inspiration for her Get me Bodied video.... so if your gonna be mad a ciara start with being mad at beyonce... who truly is unoriginal and mimics others success instead of using it as inspiration for her own career.

TomTom89 ,


This video is AMAAAZING!! Ciara and Justin killed it with this video which was directed by Diane Martel (also directed "Promise"). The clip matches the song brilliantly and is a treat for the eyes to see (the colors and the effects are poppin)! And ofcourse the dancing is hot. This has easily become one of my favorites. Ciara is coming back hard... With a video like this, she seperates herself from other R&B acts. She is becoming the 'ultimate' entertainer amd pop act, if you will. 'Fantasy Ride' is shaping up to be her best project yet!

too hip4u ,

No Dancing

I love Ciara because she DANCES better than all of them and she can sing. It was a let down to view this video, she is sexy-we already knew that. Branding Branding Branding-hello she is different than the rest of the girls and we lost that here. Beyonce is great I love her but she can not dance like Ciara, nor does she have a body like Ciara's. Rhianna well she is just plain pretty- she has good videos too, but she cannot DANCE like Ciara.

Here is the real problem I learn new dance moves from Ciara's Videos and try to do what she does-you cannot do this to this video. You can get down with your boyfriend and give him a lap dance.

Madonna started all the things you see in this video years ago, you must be young to suggest she copied Beyonce and Rhianna -they all copied MADONNA! (who is just as flexible, but again she cannot DANCE like CIARA!


This video should be a photo shoot for vibe or something, I do not want to see videos of Ciara moving slowly when she can break it down like the best of America's Best Dance Crew members she has real ability-I want to see that!

If you just want to stare at her gorgeous body and see that she can be sexier than all the rest, here is your video-I already knew that she could do what she does here-I did not need proof. Lucky Justin!

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