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3.1K Ratings

Crazayyy ,

This video is actually really deep...

Obviously, it's a huge middle finger to the world. She literally says y'all can F*k her. She knows that the lyrics don't always make sense if you just say them, but if you look at it from her perspective thats how the song should be... so it really does make sense. And she shows it by the newscaster spoof at the beginning and end. The whole thing before the video and right after with the newscaster lady is really funny cause Fox News absolutely flipped out when they heard this song and the made this huge thing about how inappropriate it was and blah blah blah... In my opinion, no one would have noticed. Kids would have thought the song was about a girl named Amy. It's a very empowering song to her, but seriously, after all the crap everyone said about her and how bad they picked on her, I would make a song like this too. She completely right in telling them to f*k off. The actual video is so intricate on many levels.
1) She KNOWs people think she has mental problems so thats why there are "two" britneys. [or a brit and an "amy"]
It's spoofing on the fact that people think shes 'bipolar'. Shes handling everything so well with grace and a hint of sarcasm. 2) The video is also showing how, behind closed doors, celebrities can be just like you and me. They can make mistakes and screw up and have a good time, but when they open the doors and they're out in public, they are pressured to be perfect. Thats really the main message of the video and thats why when she goes outside, she seems perfect. You could almost says Amy is her alter ego. It's like, what she wants, but cannot have. You could even say that Britney IS Amy. She’s asking if we’ve taken tme to see the real person that she is, because all she sees is everyone wanting to F*K her over, focusing on her downfall, ready to be judge and jury, pointing fingers…. almost begging her to screw up more. There is a lot to take in for this video but it doesn't disappoint as a banging pop hit.

*T.T* ,

*Pretty Clever If U Ask Me =]*

First off, I know most people dont like Britney which is fine...everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but u have to admit...this video (and song) r creative. Its a great way to get around using profanity like countless other artists that r pumping garbage out to the world. Yeah young kids r listening to this song and singing it but if they dont read peoples explanations of the songs than they wont know wat it really means. it may sound stupid but Im 18 and i didnt even get it at first bc i listened to it once and never played it again bc i was confused lol >.<

The combo of the song+vid r interesting and any video that keeps me guessing is a lot more interesting then a boring waste of 4 minutes. I think Britney Spears is a fantastic artist that produces good, quality music and I hope we hear more from her in the future. Even with the horror going on in her life she still produced "Blackout" which to me was full of great tracks.

Good Luck Brit and Happy St. Pattys Day Everyone =]

Mr. Tan Man ,

Britney's SEXY once again!!!!!

While this video isn't as good as Womanizer or Circus, it still show cases Britney's beauty and the ending is hilarious! I lover her little, pink, Lacoste polo in her "good girl" outfit! I literally laughed out loud when she takes the pie and smells it before she goes off the greet the papparrazi. LOVE the song and it's rightfully owns it's place as Britney's third single! I can't wait for her fourth! Hopefully it's either "Out from Under" or "Shattered Glass" Go Britney I love you!

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