YeeDM Radio with DJ Telemitry

“Country musicians are working in pop music and people in pop music are working in country music,” Nashville-based DJ Telemitry tells Apple Music. “Someone may say they don't listen to country music, but if they hear something they like, they may dig it. So what I'm trying to do is take that person who is a genre-free listener and just loves great music and blend those worlds together.” That blending of worlds can be heard in full on YeeDM Radio, a new show that brings cutting-edge pop and electronic dance music to classic and contemporary country music. Telemitry is the DJ name of Jesse Frasure, an acclaimed country music songwriter, publisher, producer, and executive. Frasure also hosts the Apple Music radio show Little Bit Country, which celebrates the best the genre has to offer in a format that highlights country music’s more interesting idiosyncrasies as well as its many (some obvious, many less so) intersection points with other genres—a perfect lead-in to what he’s doing with YeeDM. “You might hear a Dolly Parton edit going into Jack Harlow, or going into Alesso or Diplo,” Telemitry says. “In a lot of ways, I feel like it's bringing Little Bit Country Radio to life in a DJ set. You have a one-hour mix to blend all these worlds together. You might hear everything from Megan Thee Stallion to George Strait in these mixes.” Whether you need a soundtrack for your next grueling workout or a ready-made playlist to take a sleepy party to the next level, YeeDM Radio has something for you. As Telemitry himself puts it, “If you love pop music and you love hip-hop, if you love country music and you like a little bit of EDM, you're going to love this hour mix.”