Celebrate the timeless legacy of Disney with this unique collection of playlists, radio stations, and soundtracks. From enchanted forests to galaxies far, far away, discover the magic of all your Disney favorites, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and many more!


Disney Favorites

Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and More

It’s Disney Season

Essential Disney Albums

Disney Radio

  • Disney
    A journey to the Magic Kingdom.
  • Princess Radio
    Princess Radio
    Showstopping Disney royalty.
  • Disney Channel Music
    Disney Channel Music
    Hits from the cable network.
  • Disney Junior Music Radio
    Disney Junior Music Radio
    Sing along with your favorites.
  • Star Wars
    Star Wars
    Selections from the soundtracks.
  • Frozen Radio
    Frozen Radio
    "Let It Go" and many more Disney classics.

Apple Music Radio

  • Disney Hits Radio
    Disney Hits Radio
    Sofia Carson takes listeners through the history of the ever-changing sounds of Disney.