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When Kane Brown burst onto the scene with his viral hit “Used to Love You Sober” in late 2015, it felt like the Chattanooga-born singer-songwriter was an overnight sensation. Country fans were soon wondering who this young artist with the rich bass voice and knack for a writing crossover hook was, and Brown quickly landed a record deal with RCA Nashville, starting him on the path to becoming the genre superstar he is today. His sound, which marries contemporary and traditional country with sounds from pop, R&B, hip-hop, and more, quickly influenced the genre as a whole, and paved the way for other artists to experiment within the famously gate-kept genre. Overnight sensations rarely are just that, though, and Brown had toiled tirelessly behind the scenes for years before finding that big break on TikTok. There were false starts, like a 2013 X Factor appearance that didn’t align with Brown’s own musical goals, and lots of hustling, as Brown recorded and shared cover videos and original material online in hopes of developing a fanbase. On Different Man Radio, Brown will welcome a handful of guests from various disciplines to talk about their own experiences with finding seemingly “overnight” success, digging into how they navigated the life and career changes that came along with it. Alongside these conversations, Brown will share the songs that influenced his own artistry as well as songs that have significant meaning for his guests, bringing together playlists sure to inspire anyone hoping to take their own passion to soaring heights.

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