Feedings. Burpings. Changes. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. We can't blame you if music isn't at the top of your to-do list—or even on it. Fortunately, the spectrum of children’s music has grown so much that parents and kids can now peacefully coexist in the carpool lane, bonding over their favorite songs. Once upon a time, children’s music was restricted to lullabies and play-songs that were passed down from generation to generation—or sometimes recited by a cheerful purple dinosaur. These days, the choices are endless. The latest radio hits cleaned up and covered by talented “Kidz”? Yep. Lullaby versions of Radiohead? Check. The inescapable “Let It Go” from Frozen, ringing out in elementary school cafeterias far and wide? Most definitely.

Many artists regularly record albums that appeal not just to their core fans but also to the whole family. Lisa Loeb’s tender minimalism makes for a cozy companion in ushering little ones from bathtime to bedtime. Ozomatli, with their Ozokids side project, open small ears to the world’s bright new sounds. They Might Be Giants transfer their absurd ditties to the grade school set, sacrificing none of the humor. Not even Dr. Benjamin Spock could have predicted a day when acoustic troubadour Jack Johnson would dedicate a full album to a very, very curious monkey or see The Aquabats’ MC Bat Commander nurture a new generation of cool kids as co-creator of Yo Gabba Gabba!. “Children's music" as a style still exists, but it's undergone a dramatic shift. Now it's just great music the entire family loves.