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New forms of African popular music fuse traditional and contemporary sensibilities, morphing into hybridised sonic fragments that connect Joburg to Nairobi via Lagos and Accra. On Africa Now Radio, Nigerian media personality, television presenter and entrepreneur Dadaboy Ehiz presents the latest African sounds in their lush entirety, be it amapiano, Afrobeats, highlife, alté, house, hip-hop, Afrobongo, or kuduro—along with interviews with the continent’s biggest stars and most exciting emerging acts. With a penchant for public speaking that dates back to his days participating in school assemblies, Ehizojie “Dadaboy Ehiz” Okeoguale used his encyclopedic knowledge of music to kick off a career in radio in 2011, and later scored a spot on MTV Base as the winner of the network’s 2013 VJ Search. In 2016, he launched The Dadaboy Show podcast to share the behind-the-scenes stories of creatives from across the continent. The entrepreneur also manages a fashion label, DadaboyDrik, and a mentorship programme for high-school students aspiring to careers in media. Dadaboy Ehiz attributes African music’s global resonance to its originality. “There's no music like our music,” he tells Apple Music. “The sound—it’s like when you're listening to the beat, you can see the colors; and there's so much diversity in the continent. It’s also the happiness we put into making the music—we are like kids whenever we listen to our music. No matter what’s going on in someone’s life, when that beat comes on, they dance. It comes with a lot of love, it comes with a lot of happiness, and it's very original.”

“And we are plenty,” he continues. “Africans coming together—that’s our power. That's why our artists are so huge right now. If a South African artist performs in the UK, not only South Africans will pull up: Nigerians will pull up; Kenyans will pull up. People from Zimbabwe, Zambia—they want to pull up together. We have superstars filling up stadiums around the world; that’s the power we have.” Tune in to a new episode of Africa Now Radio every Friday at 1am LA, 4am NY, 9am Lagos/London and 10am Johannesburg/Paris on Apple Music 1.

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